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How do I book?

  When booking a Newborn session with us a £99 is paid at the time of booking. Once we have received your payment, only then is your booking secure and your due date is written in our diary. Terms and Conditions must be read and agreed to before booking a session with us, and a contract would need to be signed, This can be found in your client portal along with your invoice.

Please note our opening times are Mon-Fri 10am - 2.30pm

Sessions are held on Saturdays and Sundays


When Baby Arrives

  Once you have notified us your Beautiful baby has arrived, we will arrange a  date and time with you. We recommend letting us know around day 2 or 3,  Please let us know if you have any particular preferences on any props or poses as we like to plan your shoot and may not use ones that you would prefer if we do not know.

What happens on the day?

   Sessions can last up to 3- 4 hours as we allow plenty of time for feeds and cuddles to keep your baby happy.   Some poses may not be available on the day due to space available or your baby may not like certain positions or may have reflux or other problems that may limit what can be done. We do not include sibling's or pets in the posed part of the session


After your session

   On average we provide a gallery from 20 images (30 if lifestyle and details are captured) . Once edited we will contact you letting you know your images are ready


Advice & Preparation

  You should book your Newborn session before your baby is born. We advise you to book after their 12-week scan by using your due date, As babies do not like to be on time we hold three slots every week to compensate for early or late babies.


What to expect

Full Sessions - For this babies must be a maximum of 18 days old. During this time they are sleepy and can be more easily positioned into our amazing poses,


This session can last between 2-4 hours, and get quite warm for you so please dress in layers you can take off, but be assured the temperature is fine for your baby as they cannot regulate their temperature as we can


Be prepared to take part as we regularly ask mum or dad to help position the baby or to be in some shots


What to wear

 We recommend wearing plain clothes, e.g. white/cream tops or neutral/browns/blacks and if you are planning to have parent shots