Camille - My question would be how do I know when would be best to book for? What if my baby arrives early/late and the booked session is no longer suitable due to the age my baby would be? Actually that's two questions but they are linked x


Twice As Nice Photography Ltd  Thank you . the best time to book is after 12 weeks . it does not matter when baby arrives if you book and pay the session fee you are guaranteed a newborn session with us , the best age this is between 6 days and 14 days and we photograph newborns up to 4 weeks so if there was any reason baby was unable to come in the first 2 weeks you still will have your newborn session

Lisa - Mine would be how many pictures would be received? How long is the session? And would we need to bring props? Sorry for so many questions lol xx

Twice As Nice Photography Ltd  Thank you. A Choice all props in the studio can be used the amount of images available are between 10 and as many as 35 depending on how the baby settles in the Luxury session , in the standard newborn it is a certain workflow so choice of props is left for the luxury ,Up to 15 images will be gifted to you this can vary if baby does not wish to settle


Ellie - Are there any tips you recommend to do with my baby before we arrive in preparation for the shoot?


Twice As Nice Photography Ltd  We don't want mum's to worry at all ,if mum's are feeling relaxed with the photographer then baby normally does too and all our clients have said how instantly relaxed they feel after the first 5 minutes of meeting the photographer x .


Eleanor - My question would be if I'd be able to soothe and settle my baby if they were to cry during a photo shoot. For instance nappy changes and feeding x


Twice As Nice Photography Ltd thank you . yes there is plenty of time for feeding and soothing baby we work around the baby and the baby needs :)

Mai - My main question concerns the safety and handling of my newborn. So my question is, what kind of training and experience have you had in newborn photography? For example, are you a member of newborn photography professional industry associations, such as BANPAS (the Baby and Newborn Photography Association)? If not, how can I be assured that my baby will be in safe hands?

Twice As Nice Photography Ltd Thank you . this is a very good question yes our newborn photographer is fully qualified in advance training and safety posing of newborns our chosen path to obtain the qualifications was to use a recommended newborn photographer/trainer with the guild of photographers . so yes baby is in very safe hands with us x :)


Hannah - As a new mum this can be a rather daunting experience, as you know the first 3 weeks are the hardest and your still adjusting to the new arrival. how can you make mum feel relaxed while your handling the new born and putting them in weird and wonderful positions? X


Twice As Nice Photography Ltd Thank you . We offer a free consultation before you book to come in and chat about any worry's you may have , We also have the training in how to pose baby safely and if baby shows any sign at all of being uncomfortable the pose is not continued with Our photographer is not only fully trained but is also a fully qualified nanny xx and has many years experience with newborn baby's

Charlee - My question would be - can you incorporate breastfeeding into the shoot- as it's all my baby does and we're very proud of our journey!


Twice As Nice Photography Ltd- Thank you . yes we can do this style of photo for mum's :)


Ashley- Question: my little one is just not sleeping at the moment and all he wants to do is be fed! Will this effect the session and any top tips for calming my baby to get the best photos. I would worry that he won't be calm and able to get great photo.


Twice As Nice Photography Ltd- Thank you , the answer would be the session gives plenty of time for feeding baby and we have a very experienced newborn photographer fully trained in ways to sooth baby . lots of cuddles with mum a warm cosy environment that is very relaxing for both mum and baby.

Debbie - My question would be ....should we be worried if our newborn pee or poop on your lovely clean sheets ? As that's exactly what my little girl done


Twice As Nice Photography Ltd Thank you . every newborn pee and poops on our back drops this is completely normal and not a problem all our blankets etc are washed in a steam washing machine so nice and clean for every new born baby xx and we use non-bio washing powder :)

Beccy - Can we change the baby into different outfits during the bespoke shoot and use different props etc? If so do u provide props or do we have to bring what we want to use x


Twice As Nice Photography Ltd -thank you . the answer would be yes you may bring what you like to your bespoke session , all props are provided at the session and outfits in our studio to use during the session .

Michelle - Is there a time limit at a newborn session as some newborns take a long time to settle xx


Twice As Nice Photography Ltd Thank you . our luxury session time is between 2 and 4 hours giving plenty of time to capture some babies settle more than others and baby has lots of cuddles with mum in-between and feeding as baby needs nothing is rushed in our studio .

Collette - My number one question wherever I go... Is there parking on site or nearby?


Twice As Nice Photography Ltd Thank you. yes we have parking for one car outside the studio if this space is taken there is many roads near by to park


Skylar - My question would be can we ask for specific poses/pictures we want x


Twice As Nice Photography Ltd Thank you . yes you can in our luxury session and as our photographer is fully trained in all advance newborn poses and safety you can feel relaxed your baby is in safe hands xx

Kerrie - my question would be is the photographer a non-smoker ..


Twice As Nice Photography Ltd Thank you . yes our photographer is a non smoker :) xx